Why become a CAPEA Certified Educator or Trainer?
Becoming a CAPEA Certified Educator recognises a level of competence, expertise and experience as a childbirth and early parenting educator.

Becoming a CAPEA Trainer recognises leadership and training roles as well as competency in the area of childbirth and early parenting education.

Benefits to CAPEA members:  

  • Enhance personal CV and record of professional development   
  • Public listing of name and workplace/business & location on the CAPEA website (similar to publicly accessible listing of your name and workplace on the AHPRA or LCANZ website), is preferred (but optional) on the CAPEA website, enabling:    
    • Prospective consumers to check the competency of intended provider/s of birth and parenting education service, that indirectly may promote business opportunities
    • Networking for further training and leadership opportunities   
  • Recognition of achievement at biennial National CAPEA Conference   
  • May provide further reductions to registration fees for CAPEA workshops and seminars

Benefits to CAPEA:   

  • Raises the profile of the national organisation to members, providers and receivers of childbirth and early parenting education

Benefits to consumers of childbirth and early parenting education:   

  • Prospective consumers can check the competency of any intended provider of birth and parenting education service   
  • Assurance that the competency of CAPEA Certified Educators and Trainers is measured against rigorous National Competency Standards 2018 in the absence of any other national regulatory system

What CAPEA Certification CANNOT do:

  • Provide certification or registration that is recognised in any legal sense in Australia (eg: AHPRA or AQF )
  • Provide an internationally recognized qualification
  • Provide indemnity insurance for CAPEA members or consumers of childbirth and early parenting courses 

Certification is assessed by at least 2 members of the CAPEA Further Education Committee. Confidentiality relating to documents being assessed is assured. 

The preferred & fastest method is to send an electronic application via email, however you may contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Assessment may take up to 2 months due to the voluntary roles of CAPEA committee members and other life/work commitments of the assessors.  Notification will be by phone/email initially, and a certificate will be forwarded by email/mail.

Your application for CAPEA Certified Educator or Trainer must include: 

Forward your application to the Chairperson, CAPEA Further Education Committee, via email: certification@capea.org.au 


To qualify as a CAPEA Certified Educator, you must supply the following evidence that indicates competence as a Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator:

1. A.    CAPEA membership

1. B.     Provide evidence of attendance at/ or completion of any courses relevant to Childbirth and/or Parenting Education and group facilitation, minimum requirement being 20 hours. Please provide attendance record or transcript of the course content, identifying:
  • When the course was completed
  • How many hours were completed
  • Who conducted the course
  • Course outline
  • Assessment process

Examples include: Certificate IV in Training and Education; Bachelor/Master of Adult Education; Parenting Educators’ Course, John Hunter Hospital; Calmbirth; Hypnobirthing; Positive Parenting Program; Bringing Baby Home trainers course; Circle of Security trainers course; Australian Breastfeeding Association Group Facilitation course; NCT (UK) Antenatal teaching Degree or Diploma; Lamaze Certified (USA) Childbirth Educator. 

1. C.    Provide evidence of Competency as described in the National Competency Standards 2019 

Examples include: completed CAPEA Parenting Educators’ AssessmentTool  by self and/or peer assessment with peer review; evidence of workplace Performance Assessment; client evaluation results 

1. D.    Provide evidence of recency of practice, being a minimum of 30 hours of facilitation of courses related to Childbirth and/or Early Parenting over the past 4 years

Examples include: Workplace diary or website page indicating dates and hours of education conducted by applicant; facilitating courses to expectant and/or new parents; facilitating courses to new and/or experienced childbirth & parenting educators.

1. E.     Provide evidence of professional development relating to facilitating Childbirth and/or early Parenting Education courses, the minimum being 20 hours over the past 4 years

Examples of evidence include: certificate of attendance or completion of professional development activities identifying:
  • name of seminar/s, workshop/s, conference/s, webinar/s, online learning package/s, journal article reflections
  • provider of the course
  • dates completed
  • hours completed 
CAPEA Certification as Educator is awarded for 4 years.


To qualify as a CAPEA Certified Trainer, you must supply the following evidence that indicates competence as a Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator AND functioning in a leadership role enhancing the professional development of childbirth and early parenting educators and/or the integrity of CAPEA.

2. A.     Meet all the criteria to be a CAPEA Certified Educator or is currently a CAPEA Certified Educator.

2. B.     Provide evidence of completion of, or currently undertaking, a Certificate or postgraduate studies in Childbirth/ Parenting Education and/or Adult Education.  

Examples include: Certificate IV in Training and Education; Bachelor/Master of Adult Education; Birth International Childbirth Educators’ Diploma; John Hunter Hospital Parenting Educators’ Course (150 hours); NCT (UK) Antenatal teaching Degree or Diploma; Lamaze Certified (USA) Childbirth Educator Trainer, or other relevant qualification.

2. C.     Provide evidence of functioning in a training role, that is, facilitation of at least 40 hours training and/or formal mentoring to prospective, new and experienced childbirth & parenting educators over a period of the past 4 years, identifying:

  • name of course/ program
  • when the course/ program was completed
  • how many hours were completed
  • who conducted the course/ program
  • course outline
  • number of new and experienced educators who completed the course/ program 

Examples of evidence include: fliers for course, lesson plans, course objectives, course outline; documented mentoring program, records of mentoring session/s; development/ review of training program/s.

2. D.     Provide evidence of a leadership role by meeting at least 4 of the following 7 criteria:                           

I.       development of resources: for peers and/or clients of childbirth & early parenting programs                          

II.       contribute to peer development: at team meetings; in-services; seminars; workshops; conferences; co-facilitation/mentoring new educators                       

III.      work as a consultant/adviser/supervisor/mentor to other educators                        

IV.      active contribution to CAPEA: proof of attending or contributing to Branch or National meetings, seminars, workshops and/or Conferences, website and/or social media                           

V.        participate in the CAPEA Further Education Committee that considers guidelines for competency of educators, endorsement of training programs  and educational events and products, and review of same                        

VI.       contribute to the CAPEA journal Interaction and/or other relevant professional journals                      

VII.      co-ordinate or contribute to research/quality improvement into childbirth/parenting  education at local, state or national level.

2. E.     Provide names of two referees (including workplace, role, contact email and phone number, relationship with applicant) who will be contacted by CAPEA assessors to attest to the validity of the applicant’s claims. 

CAPEA Certification as a Trainer is awarded for 4 years.

Guidelines for CAPEA Certification as an Educator and/or Trainer as a pdf