5 Year CAPEA Strategic Plan 2016-2021; 2019 Review and Update

Strategic Plan

2016 -2021

                 Our Aim:                                 To be the professional Association for Australian Childbirth & Parenting Educators

                 Our Mission:                          To provide support, education, networking and professionalism to and for educators

Advance Professional Practice

Support Professional Development Of

Childbirth & Parenting Educators

Ensure Organisational Viability








Competency Standards for Childbirth and Parenting Educators (NACE/CAPEA 2011) as benchmark


Audit re receipt of Competency Standards by end of 2016.

Competency standards used as benchmark by 40% of managers and educators by 2021.

2019 2nd edition of Competency Standards circulated electronically and hard copy as preferred by managers.

Provide professional development to educators via the biennial national Conference, seminars, workshops, webinars, journal, website and social media by 2021

National Conference every 2 years 

Annual state branch seminars and workshops - Part achieved

2 national webinars per annum - not achieved

3 journals annually- change to target required.  

Social media used - but could be better

Increase membership

Membership increased by 10% per annum. Slight increase but targets not met.


Review of Competency Standards at least every 5 years

Competency Standards reviewed by mid-2017 and subsequently every 5 years. 2nd edition published December 2018

Encourage newer members and their contribution to CAPEA


CAPEA committee positions, with mix of experienced and newer members. Needs more work!


Develop corporate partnerships

Partnerships developed with at least two corporations by 202. None yet


Advocate for childbirth and parenting educators

1 example of advocacy per annum: 2017 - response to Nadine Richardson re her table on She Birth website. Meeting with Hannah Dahlen and Kete Levette re their research; 2018 further interaction with HD at CAPEA Conference.

Response to Julie Clark re table on her website.

1 awareness raising activity per annum  - 2017, 2018 & planned 2019 presence at Napean Midwifery Conference; 2018 Baby and Toddler Show.

New logo developed by end of 2016



Develop guidelines for sponsorship and advertising through CAPEA channels


Guidelines developed by end of 2016

Develop strategic alliances

Minimum 2 strategic alliances by 2020. Collaboration with International Journal of Birth and Parent Education so as all CAPEA members now receive this journal.




Promote good governance and management through constitution, philosophy and goals

Constitution, philosophy and goals reviewed 3 months prior to Conference, and update ratified at Conference; Not achieved per se; goals review with review of Competency Standards; Aim to achieve complete for review for 2020

Work towards professional recognition of childbirth and parenting educators


60% of members certified by 2021 Slow Start. 

National registration process begun by 2021




Clear communication lines and responsibilities for members and office bearers through position descriptions and organisation chart 

Responsibilities of office bearers clear as per Position Descriptions, reviewed 3 months prior to Conference. Not achieved in 2018, aim to achieve in 2020.


Research relating to childbirth and parenting education

1 research project supported, including financially, every 2 years. Need to promote again.




National and State bank accounts audited annually


Audit reports provided by National and state treasurers to members annually - partially, having to follow up with state branches

Documents on CAPEA website. - Not yet- to be done as appropriate- upload state audits, or just National?