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Virginia Bobro discusses questions that we as childbirth educators face while trying to help couples to prepare for their upcoming experience.. Even when we have no idea what kind of experience each person will have and what it will mean to them.

How do we sow seeds of strength in the face of intensity?
What is the focus of chilbirth classes - physiology and coping, realities fo childbirth culture in hospital settings, or does it affect birth outcomes or birth trauma risks?
How do we balance positivity about birth and tough choices or situations they may face?
How to engage people to dig further than the surface in birth, how to make them look behind the fear and understand that they have choices?
How do we as CBEs best support women to make informed choices in light of the numerous options of antenatal education models and modalities available without overwhelming them with too many options?

For over twenty years Virginia has been educating, supporting, and counseling expectant and new families as they transition through birth and into parenthood (as a lactation counselor, doula, and childbirth educator). As a trainer and managing director for Birthing From Within for ten years,she developed and led many trainings and programs, working with thousands of parents and birth professionals.

Webinar with CAPEAVic occurred on 6th April 2018




CAPEA has relaunched webinars, with CAPEA Vic taking the lead to provide these in 2017.

Rhea Dempsey presented on 24th May 2017 with a passionate Educating for Choice or Compliance. As a token of good will, this was presented as a free webinar and can be now seen here.

Recommended viewing for all hospital and independent childbirth educators & maternity service managers. Grab a cuppa and fire the passion in your belly!  Listen right to the end of questions (1hr 12mins) for more inspiration!



Webinars especially for childbirth and parenting educators are another way for you to gain valuable and mandatory professional development education, all from the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you (with some limitations)!  CAPEA hopes that birth and parenting educators who find it difficult to travel to face-to-face events will take these opportunities to gain education especially relevant to their role. If you are unable to attend 'live' on the day, recordings are available for those who registered.  Attendance certificates are distributed after the event.

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